Helicopter Takes Great Photos of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe that Could be Annihilated


Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

Image Credit: upsocl.com
“The images are further proof of the existence of completely isolated indigenous peoples.”

There are many tribes in Amazon Jungle who have no contact with civilization for the simple fact of not wanting to fall into the hands of a system and live in areas far from any human trace. Only they, their way of life and enormous natural surroundings.
After watching a BBC documentary called “Planet Earth”, where images of a tribe were in the Peruvian Amazon, many have tried to reach those hidden places and collect more information.
Uncontacted Amazon Tribe
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The photographs, captured by Guilherme Gripper Trevisan show a tribe of about 100 people in the jungles of Brazil, near the border with Venezuela.

It is a tribe of Yanomami Indians, who are unfortunately in danger of being wiped out in the presence of thousands of illegal gold miners, which have contaminated the water with mercury, it has denounced the NGO Survival.
In the aerial images of Guilherme Gnipper Trevisan / Hutukara distributed by Survival you can see a group of humans around a “community house” in a village Yanomami in the middle of the Brazilian jungle, observing the ship from which they photograph.

Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

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Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

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The Yanomami , according to Survival, are the indigenous people relatively isolated largest in South America.

Before the creation of the reserve were destroyed by the violence of the settlers and to the spread of diseases such as influenza and measles.
According to veteran Yanomami activist and the shaman, Davi Kopenawa, the miners “are like termites – they keep coming back and they don’t leave us in peace”.
“The place where the uncontacted Indians live, fish, hunt, and plant must be protected. The whole world must know that they are there in their forest and that the authorities must respect their right to live there,” he included.
Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

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Survival International stand against any kind of research or contact with these communities. They said that the indigenous people have fired arrows towards their aircraft, and they fled from the outsiders and they even avoid their own tribe members who have contacted with the outsiders.
Survival International Director Stephen Corry has warned that they are not savages, but complex and contemporary societies whose rights must be respected.
“It’s obvious that they’re perfectly capable of living successfully without the need for outside notions of ‘progress’ and ‘development,’ he included.
“All uncontacted tribal peoples face catastrophe unless their land is protected. We’re doing everything we can to secure their land for them, and to give them the chance to determine their own futures.”

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