Eagles are Attacking Flying Drones : Making Drone Projects Really Expensive!


eagle attacks

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When all of us have started looking forward to the aspect of “drones being used in pizza and mail delivery” – it appears that everyone does not love these flying objects as we do! Especially, the eagles are just hating and attacking them.
While flying his “UAVs” aka unmanned aerial vehicles at Western Australia’s St Lves mine, Rick Steven – the surveyor had to cope with some anxiolytic local eagles in the sky – they were constantly attacking the drones!

In brief, the eagles were destroying the drones causing the surveyor to get inventive.
Steven was making 3D models of the mined sites using his UAVs, along with helping the workers to keep off from the rigorous weather conditions during surveys.

However, the galling eagles have started seeing the drones as threats and have been taking them down causing big troubles for the surveyors!

eagle attacks drone

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According to Steven, the eagles are creatures that have an extremely territorial characteristic; when they see a UAV flying inside their zone, they obviously see it as an intruder and a threat to their own territory.

As a solution taken from a predator bird rehabilitation center, Steven and his team took the project of camouflaging their UAVs as adolescent eagles!

“As the birds of prey won’t see it as a threat, they would let it through,” explained Steven. For almost fifty flights, the technique worked pretty well, however, at a point, the eagles finally figured out that the baby birds were, in fact, not their flying companions.

The angry eagles started to take down the camouflaged unmanned flying objects the second time around.

If you think that those fallen drones don’t cost much, think again. Each of the drones cost minimum 7,391 U$D – and the cameras attached to them cost nearly the same!

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As a result, Steven and his team had to stop the drone-camouflaging project and choose a time when no real eagle would be in the sky!

Now they fly their drones around 6:30 in the morning when the real flying eagles are big rarity in the sky. And if sometimes they spot one, the call off the flight ASAP.

The unpleasant things happened with Steven and his survey team can be considered as a warning for the ones who are planning to use the drones for commercial purpose. One thing is sure, delivering pizzas or mails is not going to be as easy as we think and hope, after sky is the territory of nature!

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Video Credit: Melbourne Aerial Video

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