O Nostradamus had “Predicted” the Election of Donald Trump 400 Years Ago


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As published by the British Independent.co.uk and website history.com can for most election of Donald Trump have been a real shock, however, the followers of Nostradamus says that the great prophet had already predicted in the 16th century about Trump!!

Where the base that can prove this confusing situation is true? But of course in his own words, as the British press writes,
“The great shameless, audacious loud, elected army commander” was written by Nostradamus.
The “conspiracy theorists” interpret these words as follows: argue that the word ‘loud’, indicated in the strongest possible expression and communication of the new US President, while the “army” has to do with the fact that he is now head of greater military power.

The signs do not stop here …

“The mistake will sound, covering the madness and Byzantium will be forced to change its laws” is also written.

In an effort to connect this proposal with the election of Trump, the “following” of Nostradamus, claiming: Byzantium was ancient colony of Greeks and modern Greece is the site of thousands of refugees and migrants. This is connected with the fact that the immigration issue was one of the central pillars of the campaign of the Republican candidate.

As unreal and if look all that, these theories have found warm supporters: “All theories have come true. America is faced with the fall.
We have very large debt since we import more than we export. We face terrible problem,” wrote one user on Facebook, while another also mentions in social media:« “After sound, the trumpet, get ready for a long war. The predicted Nostradamus 400 years ago.”

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