BBC Planet Earth II: While Seeing this Video You’ll Forget to Breath


Planet Earth 2

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10 years ago, the BBC channel raised the most intense series wildlife documentary titled “Planet Earth.” Recently, after five years of waiting, the widely popular series returns on TV. The first episode included the most frightening, exciting and memorable videos of wildlife. We recommended you to see the tremendous battle between the snake runners and a baby iguanas on Fernandina, the third largest island of the Galapagos Islands.
We just say it “battle” but “massacre” will be the most appropriate word for this collision against snake vs iguanas. Many people who attended, were shouting in front of the TV or behind the sofa. We will not blame them because the scene that unfolds is like taken from any horror movie. The video contains scenes that may find stressful and intense. It’s pretty cruel…
See the spectacular battle in the video below.

Video Credit: BBC Earth

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