This Old Man Caught this Deadly Cobra Risking His Life : How He Did it will beat Your every Guess!


Deadly Cobra

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In a village of Bangladesh, a deadly cobra was found in a house. The people lives in the house put several mattresses over it in order to be safe. But that was not any permanent solution; so they sent words to the old man who was reputed to be an expert snake-catcher. By the time the man had arrived to catch the snake, neighbors and hundreds of villagers were already there to watch what was happening. The man came with nothing save a glass of water and a conch and started to remove the mattresses off the snake, and there it was!
If you are thinking that how he managed to capture the snake, you better not guess anything, because you are most likely to be disappointed. To satisfy your curiosity the full video of the event has been given below:

Video Credit: DramaBD News

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