The Dog on the Street Asked Police to Follow and Later the Policeman Found a Woman


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This is confirmed! Dogs are man’s best friend!

It was a cold winter morning in the city of Wisconsin, USA. The streets were virtually empty because of heavy snowfall, so the officer Jeff Gonzalez was surprised to see a black colored Labrador retriever running nervously on the streets of a residential neighborhood. He had collar and seemed to have owner but was only barking anxiously. The police wanted to see what happened and what happened next, he will surely never forget.

The dog, named John Boy, started running up the street desperately and Gonzalez followed him. Suddenly they came to a house and on the front porch a woman slumped. She was in pajamas, with black lips and unresponsive. The police thought she was dead.

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After taking the woman into his house, the police called emergency. The policeman later learned that the owner of John Boy, had a heart problem and so had collapsed. But thanks to the alert she gave to her pet.

The woman managed to pass a whole hour out at a temperature, not more that -16 ° C and probably without the help of his four – legged companion and police would not have survived. Finally, the woman named Krystal recovered in a hospital and both the dog and the Gonzalez officially became true local heroes.

Interestingly John Boy was abandoned by three families before being definitively adopted by the family of Krystal.

Video Credit: Andrés Perez

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