Salute to The Bus Driver, Whose Humanity Inspired Internet


The Bus Driver

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Marcelo Catrogiovani is a driver who should receive the award for best bus driver in the world. He drives the bus line 68 in the city of Cordoba in Argentina and every day, a passing promptly called Micaela Belen Juarez awaits his arrival. She did not want to take any other bus. The reason? Keep reading below.
Michaela is disabled and Marcelo is the only driver who stops his walk not only for her but also climb down and took her up in the vehicle on his own arms.
She can not walk and without Marcelo Catrogiovani, it would be impossible for her to attend work. That’s why every morning she waits for the bus pass from Marcelo.
Since this story came to light, it has gone viral. And unfortunately, cases like this driver are the exception, not the norm. Few would be willing to take this gesture with a passenger.

You can meet this attentive driver and Micaela in the video below.
A round of applause for this driver! He is a great example to follow. Please share your small gesture of humanity with all your friends and family!

Video Credit: tv10cordoba

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