12 Most Unusual People with Unique Anatomy


Among the billions of people on the planet, there is a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

Some people are quite unique and have become known for their non-standard anatomy.
However, many of them, in spite of the unusual, able to turn it to their advantage.

#1 Yoandri Hernandez

Image Credit: tv2.no

This Cuban is born with 12 toes and hands, ie 6 for each hand and foot.

According to Hernandez, extra fingers help him climb the coconut trees and earn extra money posing for tourists.

#2 Biron Schlenker

Biron Schlenker

Image Credit: syracuse.com

Schlenker Byron (Byron Schlenker) from Syracuse, New York is known as the owner of the broader language in the world. Its width is 8.6 cm tongue.

#3 Francisco Domingo Joaquim

Francisco Domingo Joaquim

Image Credit: dobriiden.ru

Francisco Domingo Joaquim (Francisco Domingo Joaquim) of Sambizanga in Angola known as the owner of the wide mouth of the world, which reaches 17 cm.

#4 Larry Gomez

Larry Gomez

Image Credit: yelpcdn.com

Larry Gomez Body (Larry Gomez), known as “boy-wolf”, is completely covered with hair. Larry diagnosed hypertrichosis – a disease which occurs less than 100 people in the world. His brother also suffers from this disease.

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