As a Woman, You Should Never Ever Visit These Countries Alone!


Want to travel alone? Because you want to experience the world without the influence of a friend or partner’s tastes, prejudices, or interference.You’re not the only one!

But some counties are highly dangerous for solo travelling, specially for a single woman. Check this list.

#1 Afghanistan


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Since childhood, Afghani girls start their life with struggle.They are forced to marry at teenage. Not only Afghani women even ordinary tourists are also subjected to sexual harassment.

#2 Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

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Most of Congo women have to be the victim of discrimination. According to a report published in the US Journal of Public Health, there are 1,150 women raped every day.

#3 Pakistan


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Many customs of this country are enough to make extra pressure on women. Women are forced to marry at teenage. There is no justice for raped victims.

#4 India


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Despite being one of the most successful democracies in the world, the highest rate of murders and rape in India. Apart from rape, molestation, women trafficking is one of India’s problems.

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