21 Mind Blowing Wall Art From Famous Street Artists Around the World


An image says more than a thousand words. Draw Graffiti on Street Walls with Spray Paint and Brushes is one type of vandalism, no longer exist, especially since the success of urban artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, among others. Urban art has evolved, it is no longer just graffiti, it has become a form that challenges conventional art. Not every resident of the city would agree that such graffiti decorate the city. There is no repression as they do what they love. It’s really amazing the way they work.
In this article, we show you some murals around the world.

#1 Whip


Image Credit: isupportstreetart.com

#2 Faith47


Image Credit: africasgateway.com

#3 Herakut


Image Credit: fulloftaste.com

#4 Above


Image Credit: abduzeedo.com

#5 Nick Walker

Nick Walker

Image Credit: arrestedmotion.com

#6 C215


Image Credit: fubiz.net

#7 Titi Freak

Titi Freak

Image Credit: mymodernmet.com

#8 Stinkfish


Image Credit: streetsonart.com


Image Credit: co.uk


Image Credit: kn3.net


Image Credit: tanya-n.com


Image Credit: imgur.com

#13 Fin Dac: London, England

Fin Dac: London, England

Image Credit: arte-en-la-calle.com


Image Credit: wordpress.com

#15 Hopare: Paris, France

Hopare: Paris, France

Image Credit: pinimg.com

#16 Roa: Ghent, Belgium

Roa: Ghent, Belgium

Image Credit: flickr.com

#17 Natalia Rak: Poland

Natalia Rak: Poland

Image Credit: com.br

#18 Swoon: New London, Connecticut

Swoon: New London, Connecticut

Image Credit: artsgulf.com

#19 Blu: Bologna, Italy

Blu: Bologna, Italy

Image Credit: pinimg.com

#20 Mentalgassi: Berlin, Germany

Mentalgassi: Berlin, Germany

Image Credit: cloudfront.net


Image Credit: staticflickr.com

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