18+ Accidental Renaissance Pictures That are Better Than Art History!


Accidental Renaissance

These images on Imgur prove that history repeats itself. These accidental Renaissance photos show how crazy the year 2016 was. The “Accidental Renaissance” got its title from an image from Year 2016 where it shows some late-night revelers laying on the streets of Manchester with the poses like renaissance-era paintings. Redditors have selected some of those pictures and highlighted them as “Pizza Night With The Woofers”,“Cricket in Kashmir” and “The last Supper.”

01. The Baker

The Baker

Image Credit: imgur.com

02. The Creation Of Catam

The Creation Of Catam

Image Credit: whicdn.com

03. A Horse Rears In The Crowd

A Horse Rears In The Crowd

Image Credit: boredpanda.com

04. Pizza Night With Woofers

Pizza Night With Woofers

Image Credit: twimg.com

05. Looking Longingly At The Loaves

Looking Longingly At The Loaves

Image Credit: twimg.com

06. Pure Joy

Pure Joy

Image Credit: cloudinary.com

07. Friendship At The Square Park

Friendship At The Square Park

Image Credit: goodfon.ru

08. Accidental Renaissance

Accidental Renaissance

Image Credit: boredpanda.com

09. Refuge In Lesbos

Refuge In Lesbos

Image Credit: huffpost.com

10. Warrior


Image Credit: wordpress.com

11. Chess


Image Credit: boredpanda.com

12. Mom With Baby Catches A Flying Ball at a Baseball Game

Mom With Baby Catches A Flying Ball at a Baseball Game    Accidental Renaissance

Image Credit: askideas.com

13. The Creation

The Creation

Image Credit: animalsfoto.com

14. Ultra-orthodox Jewish Wedding

Ultra-orthodox Jewish Wedding

Image Credit: negativewhite.ch

15. The Commute

The Commute

Image Credit: glowing.life

16. Rural Home In Wuyuan, China

Rural Home In Wuyuan, China

Image Credit: imgtc.com

17. Jeanne De Wall Street

Jeanne De Wall Street

Image Credit: peacenewsnow.com

18. The Fireman

The Fireman

Image Credit: redd.it

19. Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint

Image Credit: boredpanda.com

20. The Rebellion

The Rebellion

Image Credit: corriereobjects.it

21. Cricket in Kashmir

Cricket in Kashmir

Image Credit: co.uk

22. Russian Renaissance

Russian Renaissance

Image Credit: vk.me

23. Mongolian Horseman

Mongolian Horseman

Image Credit: peerageofscience.org

24. Vladimir Putin Staring At The Embassador’s Corpse

Vladimir Putin Staring At The Embassador's Corpse

Image Credit: emirates247.com

25. Portrait Of A Housecat

Portrait Of A Housecat

Image Credit: boredpanda.com

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