Yana, the 2-color Kitten That is Captivating the Whole World


chimera cat

This beautiful cat called Yana has the face of two colors that makes you believe that her parents were out of ink while coloring her! Yana is a chimera cat.

Yana has a genetic anomaly that causes two fertilized zygotes (a cell that results from the union of the sperm and the ovum) to unite and form a single individual. Zygotes fuse in the early days and create a chimera cat, that is, a being with the double genetic material as if they are two individuals in one.

chimera cat

Image Credit: netsalesimages.com

But they develop normally. This phenomenon can happen in any species, many individuals with chimerism do not realize they have it, unless they have very clear external features, such as an asymmetric pigmentation of the skin, as Yana has.

chimera cat

Image Credit: pikabu.ru

It was on sale in July 2016. And the new owner made her close in a very short time.

chimera cat

Image Credit: mtdata.ru

Yana lives with Elizabeth, an architect and design student.

chimera cat

Image Credit: mymodernmet.com

Yana has become a star of Instagram.

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Yana’s Instagram account has more than 16 thousand followers.

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Everyone loves her.

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Who could get tired of seeing her face ?!

Image Credit: recreoviral.com

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